Bosna, Bosna, Bosna!!!

Woohoo, third place! Great job Bosnia this year! It will be hard to top it next year, or ever really! Let's hope for a song by Dino Merlin!!

Anyway, I am back in Rochester after 4 plane rides. My bag was left in Belgrade but it should arrive tomorrow, Air France says. I hope so, as everything I have is there... :)

And that would be it for this blog. It was a fun time in the Balkans this year. Next year - Finland! Hope you all enjoyed the blog. All the pictures I have taken on this trip are now uploaded - http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_


Big night tonight!!!

Everybody slowly getting ready for tonight, eh????

Well... you saw Jim and I in the semifinal two nights ago, so hopefully you'll see some more Bosnians cheering tonight. There will be a total of 5 of us sitting together. We have 4-5 flags plus the famous t-shirt and also a couple of banners. Look for us, we're sitting on the right side of the arena floor, soemthing like row 5-6. I'm sure the cameraman will spot us and be ready to tape us when the time is right. :)))

Bosnia has a terrible draw if you ask me... but it will still stand out, I think. We shall see.

I am dead tired, so talk later and enjoy the show tonight!!!


Upadosmo, yay!!

Well, there you go... you saw last night... mostly there were no surprises, excep Lithuania for me. They were even booed in the hall and did not go down well at all. But apparently, their performance looked good enough on the screens. At the press conference, they were visibly pissed off, and I can't blame them... Don't boo people, they all work hard for a long time, so even if the song is really terribly, that's no reason to boo the artists of f the stage.

Anyway, onto what's most important... Bosnia :))) Wasn't that just spectacular? Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the details of the performance as I was in a state of delirium for most of those three minutes. I do remember the wonderful reaction of the audience to the song--it's deserved!

And many of you probably saw my face on TV as well, several times, most notably right after Hari's performance. I had a seat right in the front row and the camera guy was looking for fans to take pictures off - I wasn't hard to spot with y big-ass Bosnian flag t-shirt. So Igave it my all. Hehe, I must have received a couple of dozen messages on my phone telling me I was seen. Quite cool...

Anyway, the first dress rehearsal is going on and there was some sort of a problem in the middle of Switzerland. They're it over now.

Sakis sucks so bad, btw... if it ain't written on there, he can't speak, what an airhead... anyway, time to get some food now, you keep on visiting http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_ for pictures!


Second semi rehearsal (BOSNIA)

WOW! I just saw the performance in the hall myself... oh my god. I don't think Bosnia has ever had a better performance. What a classy act! The audience was crazy for the song, and I was really left speechless...

I taped the performance, and hopefully it came out good... you can find it at (the sound on the file is bad, sorry...)



First semi rehearsal, part III (Bosnia + Iceland)

Evo Bosne!! Nisam dosad nista vidio tako da ce mi ovo biti prvi utisak. First impression of Bosnia here, folks!

Stage looks very dark in the beginning. Everyone is dressed in white and standing.sitting motionless on stage during the first part of the song. Hari stands on his own in the front. I have to say I LOVE the loko of the stage. It's very mood, you can only see the stars in the back, no stairs at all.

Ako te sutra zaprose... sounds great... and everybody wakes up. There is a violin players, an accordioon players, a drum players and two guitars on the stage. Wonderful stating, I'm very impressed!!

The people in the back get up and join Hari top sing the last parts of the song and then they walk away, very slowly in rhythm.

Sto voljeh tebe... LEJLA!! Lights go up and the entire stage is lit up... AWESOME, AWESOME!

The last song... Iceland. Very colorful stage! There is a huge woman's show that Silvia climbs up and down. She has quite an outfit on! Something like from the video, very extravagant. There are screens behind her with two dancers jumping out of them, They crawl in front of her, wearing masks. Very unique staging. There are tons of props on stage with her, and there is also a stripping... There are a couple of candy canes, one of which has the phone which she uses to call God :))) It's wonderful, delibaretly over the top... think Agurbash but as a joke!! The male dancers also strip, now in they're very short shorts... Fireworks go off in the back! Nice, nice, I like!


First semi rehearsal, part II

So it's Estonia on now. They're all dressed in blue and white. The backers are stationary, dancing in place behind her in the back of the stage. This song is very ordinary though... I'm getting the Lithuania 2005 vibe, I'm afraid. Three of the backers join her later in dance. They're all doing a good job, but...


First semifinal rehearsal

Frist - Croatia last night... I was very impressed and immediatelly started SMS-ing people that Severina will win. The performance reminds of Elena last year in a way.

I have tickets for tonight's, second, semifinal rehearsal. Right now I am watching the last portions of the first rehearsal in the press center.

Lithuania is on now... terrible song, as we all know; it's a children's song and the shouting men don't do much for it. One of them plays the fiddle and one of them dances around the stage like the maniac. I can't believe that six gronw men can sing something like this in front of everybody... terrible.

The Portuguese girls look ridiculous... I'm sure you all have seen picture of their uhm "cosutmes" in other places. The song is shit of course and I'm still surprised that a popular group like Nonstop allowed themselves to be represented by a song like this... The performance is OK, there's nothing special going on, they're just dancing around basically.

And here's Carola... nice start in the dark and then the light shines when she starts singing. LOOOONG trunk on her dress and of course the win is rather strong :) She sounds very strong, as always; she has one hell of a voice. It seems as though she is alone on stage, save for the person holding the end of the trunk that was just pulled off her, revealing a tan-goldish-silver pant-and-shirt outfit. AH, here come the backing singers from out of nowhere bringing with them big transparent white flags that they wave in the air with the beat.

Now they've gotten rid of the flags, danced with her a bit and then picked up the flags again.

Strong showing from Sweden, but I don't think it was excellent. She sings it well enough though.


Welcome party last night...

...was rather terrible!!

First, it took forever to find the correct entrance and there weren't many helpful "volunteers" around to help us out... so we ended up going around in circles. We get there, it's full, it's dark, it looks like a trade fair... all kinds of promotional stands and that kind of nonsense.

Food... was on one table and of course 10,000 people were around it at once, so there was gonna be no free food for me. :) Luckily I had eaten just before we left, so I wasn't in much of a need anyway.

It was awfully dark too so we had a very hard time finding each other. And then the music started which was way too loud... there was no chance to mingle with people and talk, it was just so fricken loud...

I was not impressed in the least, I'm afraid. It seemed more like a random concert than a welcome party. Oh well, they can't all be great...

I did get to speak with Tinka a little bit... what a wonderful girl. We saw each other and started screaming ahaha and then she wanted to take pictures and so we did. There's quite a few of them, so check them out at http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_

I also met Hari and Elena... Hari was a bit shy, perhaps he was overwhelmed by all the commotion. Elena was fabulous and was constantly being interviewed... I managed to grab her for a photo :)) and to chat a bit with her. When I told her she will probably win, she was very humble and said she doesn't think so. I think everyone's telling her the same thing, so she's trying not to let it get to her head. So far, it doesn't seem like it did.

Anyway, so here I am in the press center again. I've just seen the Swiss rehearsal. On the main page - http://www.eurobosnia.com you can watch one of them. They were quite cool, the six of them. But you judge by yourself. I personally like it...

Anyway, I'll try to give more updates today, but we'll see...


Norway a capella

Oh - and Vanja's filmed the Norwegians singing their song a capella (in "gypsy" style) during their press conference - it was quite good!!

Here it is: http://download.yousendit.com/3824CD1D006F8ACD


Some rehearsals

OK, I'm back in the press center. Ate some food and some some rehearsals. I also saw Tinka - what a fun person. Stvarno je raja. Veceras idemo na Welcome Party pas cemo se malo jos ispricati.

Rehearsals... I didn't see too many. I don't seem to have the desire to waste my time on them as much any more. But, here it goes:

Spain - Boooriiiing. I love the song, but booooriiiing performance. They sit in some chairs, turning around from time to time and getting up for about 30sec total. Really disappointing.

Malta - too much movement, I was not impressed, but then again I'm subjective cuz I hate the song. He sounded OK till he lost his voice midway...

Germany - everyone loves this, the fans are all over it, yours trully included. Big ovations after each performance. She sound great and the entire staging is rather simple, nothing too extraordinary.

Denmark - I just saw the first performance... she's got a strong voice and the performance is lively. No predictions.

I took some more pictures... sorry for the low quality of some. :)



Konacno u Atini!

Another year, another batch of problem during travel...

This time it was the train rides that seemed to take forever... grrr.

We had tons of fun in Skopje with the Macedonian fans. Pictures, as always, are available for you to see at http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_

It was a long, long day in Skopje. Since out train for Thessaloniki did not leave until 3am we decided to just hang out and stay awake. There was a live concert thingy going in in the afternoon, so we attended that and just chilled out on the grass, drinking wine and not smoking grass (boooohoooo). ;)

Anyway, the train was OK from Skopje to Thessaloniki. Of course, it took forever, but it was not too bad until we got to Thessaloniki. There, we found out there was no more free seats in the trains to Athens. So, god Chaos visited us and made the day more interesting...

We ended up taking a bus to Athens and after 6 hours we arrived in Athens finally. Next year, I am flying directly to the place of Eurovision, I swear!!!! I did that in 2004 and it was so much fucking simpler. Fly in, have fun, fly out - very simple.

Todays is the first time I am in the press center. I suppose we are spending the day around the complex. It is a huge place, you need a taxi to get around it... but anyway, it's so far leaving a much better first impression on me than Kiev ever did.

So, bit of blogging today, uploading pics and checking e-mails. Then some food, some rehearsals and then the grand old Welcome Party which of course is NOT to be missed. I am looking forward to saying hi to Seve and Hari. Oh and yes, I met Elena last night. She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV - gorgeous girl!

More later, folks!


Evo mene jopet

In Europe I am. Actually I've been here since May 4 but most of the time I've spent in Bosnia visiting family. Now I am back in Belgrade, preparing to hop onto the train for Skopje and then Thessaloniki.

I won't be in Greece until May 14, so this blog won't be updated until then. For now, you can visit look at the pictures I took of my family in Bosnia.



Romale, romali

I dok Ana pjeva ja spremam zadnje stvarcice za put. Krecem konacno za nekih 2 sata. Do Beograda imam ukupno oko 17 sati puta i pauza...

Haj drzite mi palceve za sretan put...

Europe here I come!

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