Konacno u Atini!

Another year, another batch of problem during travel...

This time it was the train rides that seemed to take forever... grrr.

We had tons of fun in Skopje with the Macedonian fans. Pictures, as always, are available for you to see at http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_

It was a long, long day in Skopje. Since out train for Thessaloniki did not leave until 3am we decided to just hang out and stay awake. There was a live concert thingy going in in the afternoon, so we attended that and just chilled out on the grass, drinking wine and not smoking grass (boooohoooo). ;)

Anyway, the train was OK from Skopje to Thessaloniki. Of course, it took forever, but it was not too bad until we got to Thessaloniki. There, we found out there was no more free seats in the trains to Athens. So, god Chaos visited us and made the day more interesting...

We ended up taking a bus to Athens and after 6 hours we arrived in Athens finally. Next year, I am flying directly to the place of Eurovision, I swear!!!! I did that in 2004 and it was so much fucking simpler. Fly in, have fun, fly out - very simple.

Todays is the first time I am in the press center. I suppose we are spending the day around the complex. It is a huge place, you need a taxi to get around it... but anyway, it's so far leaving a much better first impression on me than Kiev ever did.

So, bit of blogging today, uploading pics and checking e-mails. Then some food, some rehearsals and then the grand old Welcome Party which of course is NOT to be missed. I am looking forward to saying hi to Seve and Hari. Oh and yes, I met Elena last night. She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV - gorgeous girl!

More later, folks!

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