Upadosmo, yay!!

Well, there you go... you saw last night... mostly there were no surprises, excep Lithuania for me. They were even booed in the hall and did not go down well at all. But apparently, their performance looked good enough on the screens. At the press conference, they were visibly pissed off, and I can't blame them... Don't boo people, they all work hard for a long time, so even if the song is really terribly, that's no reason to boo the artists of f the stage.

Anyway, onto what's most important... Bosnia :))) Wasn't that just spectacular? Unfortunately, I don't remember much of the details of the performance as I was in a state of delirium for most of those three minutes. I do remember the wonderful reaction of the audience to the song--it's deserved!

And many of you probably saw my face on TV as well, several times, most notably right after Hari's performance. I had a seat right in the front row and the camera guy was looking for fans to take pictures off - I wasn't hard to spot with y big-ass Bosnian flag t-shirt. So Igave it my all. Hehe, I must have received a couple of dozen messages on my phone telling me I was seen. Quite cool...

Anyway, the first dress rehearsal is going on and there was some sort of a problem in the middle of Switzerland. They're it over now.

Sakis sucks so bad, btw... if it ain't written on there, he can't speak, what an airhead... anyway, time to get some food now, you keep on visiting http://community.webshots.com/user/_noua_ for pictures!

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