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Some rehearsals

OK, I'm back in the press center. Ate some food and some some rehearsals. I also saw Tinka - what a fun person. Stvarno je raja. Veceras idemo na Welcome Party pas cemo se malo jos ispricati. Rehearsals... I didn't see too many. I don't seem to have the desire to waste my time on them as much any more. But, here it goes: Spain - Boooriiiing. I love the song, but booooriiiing performance. They sit in some chairs, turning around from time to time and getting up for about 30sec total. Really disappointing. Malta - too much movement, I was not impressed, but then again I'm subjective cuz I hate the song. He sounded OK till he lost his voice midway... Germany - everyone loves this, the fans are all over it, yours trully included. Big ovations after each performance. She sound great and the entire staging is rather simple, nothing too extraordinary. Denmark - I just saw the first performance... she's got a strong voice and the performance is lively. No predictions. I took some more pictures... sorry for the low quality of some. :)
15/05/2006 16:12