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First semifinal rehearsal

Frist - Croatia last night... I was very impressed and immediatelly started SMS-ing people that Severina will win. The performance reminds of Elena last year in a way. I have tickets for tonight's, second, semifinal rehearsal. Right now I am watching the last portions of the first rehearsal in the press center. Lithuania is on now... terrible song, as we all know; it's a children's song and the shouting men don't do much for it. One of them plays the fiddle and one of them dances around the stage like the maniac. I can't believe that six gronw men can sing something like this in front of everybody... terrible. The Portuguese girls look ridiculous... I'm sure you all have seen picture of their uhm "cosutmes" in other places. The song is shit of course and I'm still surprised that a popular group like Nonstop allowed themselves to be represented by a song like this... The performance is OK, there's nothing special going on, they're just dancing around basically. And here's Carola... nice start in the dark and then the light shines when she starts singing. LOOOONG trunk on her dress and of course the win is rather strong :) She sounds very strong, as always; she has one hell of a voice. It seems as though she is alone on stage, save for the person holding the end of the trunk that was just pulled off her, revealing a tan-goldish-silver pant-and-shirt outfit. AH, here come the backing singers from out of nowhere bringing with them big transparent white flags that they wave in the air with the beat. Now they've gotten rid of the flags, danced with her a bit and then picked up the flags again. Strong showing from Sweden, but I don't think it was excellent. She sings it well enough though.
17/05/2006 14:41